Chao Phraya Thai and Sushi Grill

​Chao Phraya opened in January of 2017. We are a family owned restaurant bringing quality ingredients, locally sourced seafood, offering premier Thai Cuisine and Sushi.

​​​​​​​​​​Our restaurant is nestled in a small row of shops, located on the bustling main street of Kilmarnock Virginia.
Authentic Thai Food
Fine Dining Atmosphere
We like to describe our food as Authentic. It's like getting off the plane at Don Meung airport, because when you dine here; it's like being there.
  1. Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce
    Nam Tok (Thai Beef Salad)
  2. Fresh Seafood
    Fresh Seafood
    Pad Priew Wan (Sweet & Sour)
  3. Locally Sourced
    Locally Sourced
    Whole Founder With Thai Basil Sauce
Meeting Your Sushi Needs
We offer top quality nigiri, sashimi, sushi rolls, and sushi salads.  All in a visually artistic presentaion that would more than appeal to any sushi connoisseurs palate.